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Dr. Jaspreet Singh Kohli is an experienced orthopedic surgeon skilled in performing Knee and Hip Joint Replacement Surgeries, Simple and Complex Trauma Surgeries besides treating patients of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Cervical Pain, PIVD, Plantar Fasciitis, Muscle cramps and other orthopedic related problems. He is currently working as Senior Consultant at Shri Rama Charitable Hospital (Ludhiana), Kalra Hospital (Ludhiana), Acharya Shri Atma Ram Jain Charitable Hospital (Ludhiana), Health Max Hospital (Ludhiana),Shibani Hospital( Kohara), Satluj Charitable Health Care Centre (Ludhiana)

Our Services


Hip and Knee Replacement Surgeries

OA is a major problem now a days affecting daily activities. Knee and hip joint replacement surgeries are a boon to those unable to carry out daily activities. We perform replacement surgeries using both Indian And Imported implants. We also perform Hemi replacement surgeries. Knee Replacement surgeries provide ease of movement, pain free movement


Simple And Complex Fracture Surgeries

In today’s fast pace life, accidents are common, leading to fractures. We try to fix the bones to as biological and in as natural position as possible with help of Intramedullary nails, site specific plates to prevent any residual deformity to the patient using latest C-Arm machine with minimal incision possible (MIPPO) to provide minimal soft tissue damage and facilitate early healing.



Old age patients have weak bones which are prone to fractures with trivial injury. Patients with Osteoporosis require special care and treatment. Even Surgical procedures need to change for such patients. We provide consultation for such patients to help them live long and healthy.


Pediatric Orthopedic Treatment

Pediatric Orthopedics is an area in medical studies that focuses on the assessment and administration of musculoskeletal issues related to the growing bones, joints, or muscles in kids from newborns to teenagers. We specialize in treating infants and children with developmental ,congenital, and acquired musculoskeletal conditions like CTEV, Rickets, Bow legs, Fractures, Stunted growth. Children are the future of nation, so they should grow up strong and healthy.

Latest Events

Free Medical Checkup Camp

Peeru Banga Road , Salem Tabri, Ludhiana

Examined over 250 patients with knee pain, even medicines were distributed free of cost.

Free Orthopedic
and Joint Check up camp

Friends Colony,Chandigarh Road, Ludhiana

Examined around 200 patients, advise were given regarding regular exercises and proper diet

Free Bone and Joint Check up Camp

Shri Rama Charitable Hospital,Dholewal Chowk ,Ludhiana

Examined around 250 patients with orthopedic related problems, free medicines were distributed

Top Cases

26 Yrs,Male, Schatzker Type VI Fracture

Walked Pain free with near total ROM at 16 Wks POD.

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95 yrs,Female, IT Fracture Femur

Walked pain free at 12 weeks Post Op

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65 yr,Female, 2 month Old Fracture Neck Of Femur

Walked un aided at 4 weeks Post Op

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4 month, Male, B/L CTEV

Corrected with serial Plaster casts

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Health Tips


Tips & Health Awareness

  • Our main emphasis always have been on healthy bones.
  • Find out how the right diet, exercise, and stress-relief plan can lead to a healthy life.
  • Gets tips for a pain free living in this section.



"I got operated from Dr Jaspreet S Kohli, for my forearm Fracture. He has been like a God to me who has helped me tide over my pain and my tough time. I m really Thankful to him and his staff who were always stood by my side whenever i was in pain..I wish them good Luck for future."


Operated at Shri Rama Charitable Hospital


"I always had faith in Dr Kohli's Skills. Dat was d reason that when I suffered from Knee Injury, i had no other thought but to approach Dr Kohli immediately for my surgery. It was due grace of God and Dr Kohli's efforts that I am able to walk as normal as ever with no restriction of movements. Even my friends and relatives did not believe in such a drastic result. Thanks a lot. God bless u."


Operated at Shri Rama Charitable Hospital


"I sustained fracture Rt shoulder. I was operated by Dr Kohli at ESIC hospital. He advised me to do regular physiotherapy in order to prevent Stiffness. Inspite of his busy schedule he paid personal attention to me. During follow up also he gave special interest in my Physiotherapy. I am fine now. All because of Dr Kohli's efforts. God bless him success in life."


Operated at ESIC Hospital

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